Street Art Revives Old Buildings in Budapest

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Check out how Budapest's entertainment district gets a facelift

Here's a great example of rehabilitating old buildings: tapping the creative minds of street artists. Budapest's district 7, already well-known for its famous 'ruin pubs', is adding exiting new colors to its lively neighborhood. Their 'Façade Rehab Project' makes old buildings come alive with cool new graffiti. As part of this initiative, eight buildings are getting a facelift by NeopaintWorks, a group of talented young street artists and graffiti masters. The murals depict characteristic scenes from the district's past and present. Their first 'piece' is a cheerful artwork in Klauzál tér, at the corner of Dob utca and Csányi utca. Following is a before and after photo of their work, along with a short video to see them in action.

Dob utca and Csányi utca corner

Before & after, source:

The 'Façade Rehab Project' moves to Király utca next. Buildings on Rumbach utca, Dob utca, Kis Diófa utca, Akácfa utca, and Kertész utca are also on the list. 

You can follow the project on Neopaint's Facebook page.

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