Romantic Restaurants in Budapest

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Restaurant recommendations for a romantic night out in Budapest

Planning a trip to Budapest with someone special? When it comes to a romantic dinner, great food just isn't enough to set the mood. The restaurants in this selection all have that certain something, be it the intimate decor, soft music or a charming garden, to impress that special someone. Whether it's for a first date, an anniversary or Valentine's Day, selecting a romantic restaurant often comes down to personal taste. With input from fellow locals, expats and foodie experts, here are some of the most romantic restaurants in Budapest, listed in no particular order.


As one of the coziest eateries on Andrássy Avenue, Klassz just may be the perfect date restaurant. It's an intimate spot to sip fine wines and chat the night away. Another reason to love this charmer, besides the impressive wine list, is the wonderful food. They don't take reservations, so have a plan 'b' prepared just in case. Sidewalk seating is available in the summer. More about Klassz...

Café Pierrot

A romantic setting in Castle Hill, a 13th-century building, soft jazz music or live piano music, a charming garden and the decor set the mood for a special evening at Café Pierrot. The inviting ambiance is accompanied by professional service and tasty fares of a Hungarian-international fusion cuisine. End your evening with a romantic walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of Castle Hill. More about Café Pierrot...

Arany Kaviár

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's date night restaurant in Budapest can make anyone feel like a celebrity. Purveying an array of caviar, champagne and vodka, this French-influenced Russian restaurant serves up sublime culinary delights for love at first bite. The charming champagne garden has rendezvous written all over it. Though pricey, it's worth the splurge to win her heart. More about Arany Kaviár...


Tucked away on a small side street in the city center, Borssó offers a perfectly romantic setting with its charming atmosphere and cozy seating in the upstairs gallery. This small but lovely bistro-style restaurant serves rich French-Hungarian fares and is big on wine too. Delicious dishes, good wines, friendly staff and good value make Borssó a winner for a romantic dinner. More about Borssó...


If you want to impress your sweetie with fine dining marked by phenomenal food in a sophisticated setting, Baraka is a great choice. The cuisine, a fusion between Asian and French, spoils with irresistible feats, the staff is super-courteous, the interior is romantically dark-toned, the garden is lovely and though priced accordingly, there's no better place to make a classy impression. More about Baraka...


This tiny, but cute, relaxed French-Hungarian restaurant seduces with creative food at reasonable prices. The decor, brown paper on the tables and sketches on the walls, isn't the most romantic, but somehow it still works for those intimate moments. Along with its low-key, friendly service, M is a great spot to leave the outside world behind for a special evening. More about M...


Olimpia is an affair to remember. The setting isn't particularly romantic, but the surprise factor, included in every meal, is guaranteed. It's an interesting concept with no set menus, only a list of fresh, daily ingredients that will be used to prepare exceptional meals. Olimpia is a first-date or a 20th anniversary best bet, as it's bound to keep the conversation going. City Park is close by for romantic walks. More about Olimpia...


Dinner aboard this three-deck boat docked on the Danube, near Chain Bridge, is all about the spectacular views, since both the cuisine and the service could be better for the price. Still, with somebody special, Spoon can be romantic, especially if you go for cocktails on the deck during the summer months. More about Spoon...

Old-fashioned Coffee Houses

In addition to the restaurants listed above, Budapest is home to some great old-fashioned coffee houses that can also score points with a romantic date. Both, New York Café and Bookcafé have enchanting interiors where the wow-effect is guaranteed.

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