Rent-A-Trabant WWII Geocache Tour

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Have you ever had the opportunity to survive a bombing in an air raid shelter? Hear bombs detonating only meters from you, outside the building? Well… I hope not. But if you ever wondered what it would feel like, Rent-A-Trabant’s new treasure hunt team building event is the closest to it. Its not only fun, exciting, and educational, but you also get to drive a Trabant, probably the most iconic car in Hungary.

Rent-A-Trabant is a tour company led by two young women (“miss Trabis”) and offers various tours from gastro tours and treasure hunts to retro tours. Their latest tour is the WWII treasure hunt game that takes place on Csepel Island, a large industrial area of Budapest with hundreds of companies and thousands of workers. This urban jungle is the scene where the game takes place.

Csepel Island is about to be bombed. Your goal – obviously – is to survive the bombing. Your best bet is the original air raid shelter that can be found somewhere on the island. To locate the building you need to find four pieces of a puzzle. To get them you have to complete various missions in random locations. Every mission completed reveals a piece of the puzzle. The best part of the entire game is driving your Trabant between locations. It’s a unique experience not to be missed. As long as you have a driver’s license, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed. Once you find all four pieces of the puzzle, you’ll be granted entry to the bomb shelter where you’ll experience what an original air raid was like. Even with the knowledge that there are no planes dropping bombs on us, it was a very disturbing experience.

The game takes about an hour and a half. Without giving away too much, I have to mention that at one point I had to put on some lipstick and wear a skirt, quite unusual for a 29 years old male. You’ll have the most fun with bigger groups of 10 or more players. Smaller groups will still find it entertaining. It’s a popular tour so it’s advisable to book your game 2-3 weeks ahed, especially as the island is still in use and it can get crowded during the week.

If you want some excitement and have fun with your friends while driving a piece of history then this treasure hunt is for you. Don’t miss it, and good luck finding the shelter before your time runs out!

To reserve a spot in this tour or in other Trabant tours offered by Rent-A-Trabant, click here.

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