New Taxis in Budapest

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Yellow cabs in Budapest? Yes, as of September 1st 2013, you will see more and more yellow taxicabs in the city. Up until now each taxi company had their own design, but according to a new regulation passed by the Municipality of Budapest, every licensed taxi in the city has to be the same color, yellow. To create uniformity and recognisability, from now on every cab in Budapest gets the same design and is required to offer the same level of service. This means that taxis will be more comfortable, non-smoking, equipped with air-conditioning and they will accept credit cards. In addition, all licensed taxi drivers must adhere to a new fare structure and charge the same price.

Base fare: HUF 450
Price per minute: HUF 70
Price per kilometer: HUF 280

Unfortunately, this also means that fares are going to be generally higher and there won't be any flat rate offered for airport transfers either.

Here are some photos of the new taxis in Budapest.

(Photos courtesy of BKK-Budapest Transport Company)

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