Must Do Easter Programs in Hungary

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Five Traditional Easter Celebrations

Updated for 2015

In Hungary Easter (Húsvét) is symbolized by Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter bread, Easter ham and the tradition of sprinkling the women with perfume. The best Easter programs are in the countryside where traditional Easter celebrations are held. Here are some recommendations:

Easter Festival in Hollókő

Easter in Hungary

Easter Monday in Hollókő

The Easter Festival in Hollókő is probably the most famous in Hungary. Hollókő is known for embracing the folk traditions of the 18th century, where locals dress up in traditional costumes for the Easter festivities. There are several programs and activities during the two-day Easter Festival, including egg painting, folklore programs, arts and crafts and kids programs. Visitors can sample traditional Easter dishes.

Easter Mondays are usually lot of fun in Hollókő, as 'Dousing Day' is practiced following old traditions. Boys would douse the girls with buckets of water to ensure they become good wives. In exchange for the dousing the girls would reward the boys with Easter eggs – the main reason for which Easter eggs are decorated in Hungary.

When: Apr 4-6, 2015
More info:
Hollókő is approx. 2 hours from Budapest

'Matyó' Easter at Mezőkövesd

Easter in Hungary

Mezőkövesd Matyó Easter

Another town known for its old folk traditions, beautiful embroidery and uniquely decorated Easter eggs is Mezőkövesd, the home of the Matyó, an ethnic group in Hungary. Easter celebrations are held in the ‘Hadas’ district, the oldest part of Mezőkövesd. Easter events and activities include folk crafts, Easter egg painting, wine tasting, Easter ham sampling and petting zoo for the kids.

Photo courtesy of hattyu

When: Apr 5-6, 2015
Where: Hadas district, Mezőkövesd
Mezőkövesd is approx. one and a half hour from Budapest

Easter in Noszvaj

Easter in Hungary

Oven backed Easter bread from Noszvaj

This small village near Eger is one of the few places in Hungary where many of the locals still practice traditional folk crafts as their profession. These range from woodcarving to egg painting and visitors can partake in many of the activities and enjoy live folk music and dance performances. Visitors can sample traditional, oven backed Easter bread with raisins, walnuts or poppy-seed and taste the local wine.

When: Apr 5-6, 2015
Noszvaj is approx. 2 hours from Budapest

Easter in Szépasszony-völgy, Eger

Known for its famous red wine, ‘Bull’s Blood’, Eger is also a favorite destination for Easter celebrations. The place to visit is Szépasszony-völgy, ‘The Valley of the Beautiful Women’, just south of the city, where visitors can participate in Easter egg decorating, learn traditional folk dancing, visit the folk art fair and of course taste the regions’ full-bodied red wines.

When: Apr 5, 2015
Where: Szépasszony-völgy, Eger
Eger is approx. one and a half hour from Budapest

Easter in Szentendre

Easter in Hungary

Egg painting in Szentendre

Another great place to witness a traditional Hungarian Easter is Szentendre, which is just outside of Budapest. The festivities take place at the Skanzen, the Open Air Ethnographic Museum, and they include Easter egg painting, dance and music, various kids programs, articraft and gastro fair.

When: Apr 5-6, 2015
Where: Skanzen, Sztaravodai út
More info:
Szentendre is approx. 20 minutes from Budapest

Opening Hours & Good to Know

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Hungary and most businesses are closed on both days. Also, the metro, buses, streetcars, trolley buses, etc. will run less frequently. Restaurants, cafés and cinemas will be open. Shops and businesses are open on Good Friday.

For Easter programs in Budapest and a brief overview of Easter traditions in Hungary visit our Easter in Budapest page.

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