Lucky 13, a New Budapest Tour

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While the number 13 is a symbol of misfortune in many cultures, anyone who is part of this group of 13 can consider themselves lucky indeed. A few days ago I had the chance to participate in budapestUNDERGUIDE's new Lucky 13 tour. A sightseeing experience, which they claim is 'never a one man show given by your underguide'. Instead, you are part of the tour, it's built around you. You are not a passive listener but an explorer. Their English speaking tour guides will help you discover Budapest's hidden treasures.

After a brief introduction of the tour we are about to embark on, we gathered in front of Akvárium's terrace where our unique experience began. I didn't feel like I was listening to a bouquet of previously memorized facts or recited wikipedia pages. It was so personal I almost felt like I'm walking around the city with a group of friends. Participants will enjoy interesting places and historical sights of Budapest, including, St. Stephen's Basilica, Design Terminal, Danube Promenade, Shoes on the Danube, Chain Bridge, Parliament, Vörösmarty Square, the Jewish District and plenty of hidden treasures. The best part is that you truly get to know the city in a deeper sense. Thanks to our guides we had many interesting conversations coupled with some exciting games during our tour. As we walked around Budapest I was surprised by how little I knew about the city I live in. It inspired me to discover more, as Budapest has a rich and interesting history. This tour is a great way to start unfolding the past and getting to know the present. The walk wasn’t just informational, but it was also a really good personal experience.

Only 13 can take part in this weekly tour (hence the name), so booking a place in advance is strongly advised. Lucky 13 is not your average sightseeing tour and participants can ask anything they want. Don't worry you won't get strange looks for holding up the group. Asking questions is highly recommended since it makes the experience exactly what you want it to be. budapestUNDERGUIDE’s goal is to make you feel like you are part of this ever pulsing capital of Hungary.

Lucky 13 runs once a week, every Saturday from 10:00 am and registration closes every Friday at noon. You can reserve your spot here.

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