Live from the Budapest Pálinka Festival

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The Budapest Pálinka Festival is a unique gastronomic event where Hungary's best distillers showcase their products.

Although this is the 6th annual Pálinka Festival in Budapest, it was the first for me. It was a sunny but cool spring afternoon, however the temperature wasn't a factor after a few shots of pálinka.

The star of this year's Pálinka Festival is a limited edition distillate made from plum, aptly named the 'Plum Pálinka of the Year'. This unique spirit was produced by Hungary's best distillers and can be sampled at the festival.

Visitors can taste over 300 different types of pálinka. The one being poured is a special distillate made from apple.

According to 'experts', Pálinka  goes well with chocolate, as it brings out the flavors and aromas. Special, hand made chocolate is paired with various types of Pálinka. Should you have too much to drink, head on over to one of the food stalls, where you can sample several plum-based delicacies as well as sausages and cheese.

There is plenty of entertainment, live music and horse shows are part of the program to set the mood.

The festival closes on Sunday (May 8th at midnight), so there is still plenty of time to sample some of Hungary's best Pálinka. I had an awesome time.

Enjoy the photos!

Photos by Márk Mervai

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  1. Ellen Kay Funk opines:

    Beautiful photos! We wish we could be there. But will just have to wait for the wine festival!

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