Let’s talk a bit about Hungary

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If you are a fan of infographics, you'll love this one about Hungary. Find out some quirky facts about our language, history and more. This awesome infographic was brought to you by Gargaj.

Hungary Infographic

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  1. Istvan Kiraly opines:

    we do have national symbols and colors!

  2. rita.ketif opines:

    I was in Budapest a few days ago. It was very good. Our hotel was great, with friendly staff. we went around the city by bike. It was great! I think the name of the shop is Hi-bike! Their logo was a big hand. The shop is close to Deak Ferenc sq. You can easily find it Their prices are good and the bikes too. This was one of the best entertainment. We looked at the night life also! Do not miss out!  Go to the Morrisons.it was great. I really want to see the Margaret Island again! Bec It was fantastic! Have a nice trip when you going! I had only 1 problem the weather on this wednesday. :( smile

  3. boebes opines:

    Loved it, recognized it wink
    God, bless the Hungarians, for they have suffered enough!

  4. Petike opines:

    Regarding the Finnish and Hungarian relations: the similarity is obvious to anyone who opens a Hungarian-Finnish dictionary or grammar book. That doesn’t mean we can understand one another, nor do we use identical phrases to say ‘good day,’ but that does not cast any doubt on our linguistic relations, since even languages closely related like French and Italian often use completely different phrases and words.

    Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that the Finnish also use our ‘odd Hungarian’ logic, since they write the family name first, followed then by the personal name.

  5. Gyorgy Szekely opines:

    Hy, Great Stuff all true however you missed the story about the Trianon.

    Thats a very important part of the Hungarian history as we lost over 3million Hungarians when the country was divided in 1920 and Hungary was forced to give up massive land pieces to neighboring countries.\here is the link, please update your fact with this if possible as we still have today many many Hungarians trapped in other countries.


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