Korty - When Beer Meets Wine

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An award winning Hungarian beer speciality

While Hungary isn't particularly known for its beer, Korty (sip), a beer specialty fermented with Tokaji Aszú, brakes the trend. Even if you are a beer lover it's unlikely that you have ever heard of Korty. It is only available in Miskolc, Hungary's 4th largest city, albeit not a tourist destination, in Prague (see below) and at the upcoming Budapest Craft-Beer Festival, but it is so unique that I decided to share this well kept secret.

The story of Korty goes back to 2006, when a Hungarian microbrewery, Serforrás, located in Felsőzsolca (near the city of Miskolc) introduced its unique brew at a local gastro festival where it became an instant favorite. So much so that it has since become the official beer of Miskolc. At first, the beer's new found popularity unnerved some winemakers from the famous Tokaj region as they thought that this unusual mix would harm the prestige of their precious Aszú. As it turns out the marriage of beer and wine can be successful with the right ingredients.

After its debut in Hungary a barrel of Korty made its way to an international beer festival in Prague where it won the gold medal beating out the best Belgian, English, German and Czech microbreweries. The renowned Pivovarsky Dum brewery in Prague was so impressed by this unique Hungarian brew that it became the only microbrewery outside Hungary to sell Korty. If you visit Prague ask for Tokajské pivo, as it's known there.

The creator of Korty, brew-master György Vaskó, first thought of the idea of combining his beer with local ingredients after visiting several microbreweries in Belgium. Belgian beer is known for some outlandish combinations of local ingredients. The nearby Tokaj region provided the answer to Vaskó with the famous Aszú and after six months of experimentation Korty was born.

Tasting notes: Korty has a dark honey-amber color and an inch of long-lasting, foamy head. Rich and heavier bodied. The attractive aroma and the lasting taste of the sweet Tokaji Aszú comes through.

If you are a beer lover be sure to taste Korty at the upcoming Budapest Beer Festival, it may become your next favorite beer. Another great place to try Korty is Élesztő, Budapest's first ever 'ruin pub' dedicated to craft beer only.

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