Kerepesi, Budapest’s Famous Final Resting Ground

Comment Posted by: Zsuzsa Bakonyi

I remember from Kundera's book, the 'Unbearable Lightness of Being' that he defined the feelings towards a cemetery a fundamental difference between Tomas and Sabine, the two lovers. When I first visited the Kerepesi cemetery last autumn, I definitely realized I am Sabina, somehow attracted to a garden of tombs. Cemeteries give me a sense of peace and eternity, a place which is beautiful, kept in order by people and connected to nature.

The Kerepesi Cemetery is the final resting ground for many famous Hungarians, including writers, artists and politicians. A stroll through Kerepesi feels like a journey back in time exploring Hungary's recent past.

Every year on November 1st cemeteries in Budapest and all around Hungary become special places to visit as locals bring flowers and leave behind thousands of lighted candles. The occasion is called 'All Saint's Day', a traditional day of remembering those who passed away. On the evening of November 1st candles light up the gloom in Kerepesi. 'All Saint's Day' is a public holiday in Hungary.

Post and photos by Zsuzsa Bakonyi 'la pogacia'

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