Icy, Snowy Budapest

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Brr... for the past couple of weeks it's been freezing cold in Budapest. With the temperature way below zero everyone was trying to keep warm and stay indoors. The thermometer plunged as low as -14 °C in Budapest and -26 °C in Baja, the coldest temperature measured in Hungary. Despite the freezing temperatures, Mark took to the streets to take some beautiful pictures of the ice flow on the Danube.

If you are into weather extremes, this wasn't the coldest winter in Budapest even though it sure felt like it. The coldest temperature on record is -35 °C, measured on February 17th, 1940. Compared to that, this year's winter wasn't so cold after all.

Photos by Márk Mervai

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  1. Tom Smith opines:

    Beautiful shots! I hope we don’t see the same thing when we arrive there in June wink

  2. Sylvia W opines:

    What wonderful photos - I wish I had taken them!

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