Hollywood on the Danube

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Red Heat, Evita, Sonnenschein, I Spy, Munich, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - these are just some of the big budget Hollywood movies that were shot in Hungary. Expert crews, a century-old film tradition, weak local currency and sizable government rebates make Hungary an ideal location for Hollywood movie shoots, which in turn helps to attract tourism dollars and foreign investment.

Read more about why the Hungarian film making industry is booming now in this New York Times article:

Hollywood on the Danube - The New York Times, Jul/02/2010

"Budapest - This picturesque capital in the heart of Central Europe has played many roles over the years. It doubled for the sultry streets of Buenos Aires in the 1996 film “Evita,” directed by Alan Parker; provided the ambiance of terrorist menace and revenge in 2005 for Steven Spielberg’s “Munich”; and is currently standing in for Rome in “The Rite,” a thriller to be released next year in which Anthony Hopkins plays a priest mentoring a young seminary student in the dark arts of exorcism..." Read the whole article

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