Hidden in Hungary, Treasures on the Vine

Comment Posted by: Roberta Gyori

I love the Tokaj region of Hungary, famous for it's sweet aszu's and white wines, and Evan Rails's article in the New York Times gives an intimate portrayal of the region's famous, yet still relatively unknown wine culture.

Hidden in Hungary, Treasures on the Vine - The New York Times, Jul/19/2010

"The mold covered every surface of the cellar, coating the walls and ceilings in layers of loose black gauze. On one shelf, sheets of mold had grown so thick that it was nearly impossible to tell what was underneath, making the ancient wine bottles seem like ash-colored homunculi, an army of toy soldiers made from fungus.

Walking farther into the cellar, I ducked under a low ceiling and felt dangling fingers of mold touch my head..." Read the whole article

You may also be interested in our earlier article about famous Hungarian wines including the Tokaji Aszú.

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