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Even in today's digital age it’s great to have a good book to accompany you on your trip to Budapest. So, from time to time we will be reviewing books about Hungary ranging from travel guides to cook books. Food Wine Budapest is the first in our series of book reviews and it’s only fitting to start with a gastronomic guide.

Food Wine Budapest, a Terroir Guide, is a tour of Hungarian gastronomy interwoven with history and culture, guiding readers from traditional Hungarian dishes and Hungarian wine to Budapest’s restaurants and markets. It is a restaurant guide, with authentic reviews based on the author’s own experiences, detailing a good selection of mostly Hungarian restaurants, cafes, bakeries and pastry shops, along with practical information such as opening hours, credit card acceptance, reservations, etc. It is a guide to Hungarian wine regions, a culinary dictionary, as well as a collection of specialty shops and products. But first and foremost, Carolyn Bánfalvi’s book is entertaining to read with its distinctive style.

The old Hungarian proverbs that appear at the beginning of each chapter, the tales and anecdotes, the many traditions and the Gyula Krúdy quotations, which are so difficult to translate, all provide an insight into Hungarian culture through food and wine and make this book much more than a restaurant guide. You can also discover Hungarian drinks other than wine or read the true story behind much-traveled recipes like Gulyás and learn how to order it in Hungarian.

Food Wine Budapest

A look inside Food Wine Budapest

As a Hungarian promoting the destination, I have a great appreciation for Bánfalvi’s approach to exploring the culinary traditions of Hungary. It is evident that she is passionate and deeply serious about Hungarian food and wine. As a guide to Hungarian gastronomy, the book is the first of its kind and I can recommend it to repeat offenders and first time visitors alike. Food Wine Budapest will help you find a culinary experience to remember when visiting the city.

Learn more about the author:

A list of chapters, book updates and reviews of additional restaurants and shops are available online at the author's website.

The book (343 pages) was published by The Little Bookroom and is available on Amazon for US $ 24.95 and CA $ 27.95.

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