Feelin’ Hungary

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Here is an article from The Toronto Star to whet your appetite for Hungarian food in Toronto. You may also want to check out our Forum for a list of Hungarian restaurants and delis abroad. We have already compiled an extensive list of restaurants for the U.S. and Canada and will be adding more countries regularly. If you know a good Hungarian restaurant please post it in our Forums.

Feelin' Hungary, Big appetites meet their match with hearty dishes and savoury appetizers to satisfy even a royal craving

The Toronto Star, Jan 13, 2010

“You mustn't go hungry in Hungary. In fact, you mustn't even entertain the possibility of going hungry. Which is how three bags of pogácsa wound up accompanying us on a 1 1/2-hour trip from Budapest to Lake Balaton. Pogácsa are rich, hearty biscuits – insurance against hunger... “ Read the whole article

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