Elvis to be Named Honorary Citizen of Budapest

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Plus people can vote on a Budapest square that will be named after him

During an appearance on the 'Ed Sullivan Show' in January 1957, Elvis Presley performed 'Peace in the Valley' in support of Hungary's Anti-Soviet revolution of 1956. Elvis also asked for donations and according to Budapest's mayor István Tarlós, a total of 25 million Swiss Francs was collected.

Budapest will pay tribute to the King by naming him an Honorary Citizen. In addition, people get to vote on a Budapest square that will be named after Elvis.

Update, April 28, 2011 - An area near the foot of the Margaret Bridge in Buda received the most votes to be named after Elvis Presley. The new name will be in effect as of June 2011.

Budapest to Replace Stalin with Elvis as Honorary Citizen - The Wall Street Journal, Mar/04/2011

"Budapest still has a few controversial figures on the list of its honorary citizens - like Soviet Union dictator Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin or Austrian general Julius Jacob von Haynau. The city’s council meeting plans to remove them from the list in March, calling them unworthy of the honor.

And who’s worthy of taking the place of one the most bloody communist dictators who ever lived or the Austrian commander who defeated Hungary in its independence war against the Hapsburgs in 1849?

Elvis Presley, who else?..." Read the whole article

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