Connecting Buda and Pest in Style

Comment Posted by: Márk Mervai

A photoblog of the bridges in Budapest

There are eight bridges in Budapest that span the Danube. Following are some of the most beautiful historic bridges along with two of the newer ones.

Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd) and Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd), lit up at night  

Chain Bridge (Lánc híd), the oldest bridge in Budapest

The iron structure of Margaret Bridge (Margit híd)

Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) with its new, award winning lighting

The red columns of Rákóczi Bridge (Rákóczi híd, formerly Lágymányosi híd)

Megyeri Bridge (Megyeri híd), the newest bridge in Budapest

You can read more about the history of Budapest's bridges here.

Photos by Márk Mervai

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