Capturing the Many Moods of Budapest

Comment Posted by: Zsuzsa Bakonyi

I was born in Budapest – and although I keep traveling a lot, this city stays my principal identity, the point of reference. Budapest is cozy for me, the city I know the most and I cannot say that it surprises me every day but it does mesmerize me... There is a flow and an atmosphere here among the moods, venues, lights, buildings and corners which is so unmistakenable, so melancholic and yet always inspiring.

Budapest is one of my principal photographic inspiration sources. In my pictures I try to show its romantic, majestic and stunningly beautiful side. It is a personal view where the stunning sights like the Parliament, the Danube and soviet statues become part of the complex personality of this city.

Post and photos by Zsuzsa Bakonyi 'la pogacia'

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