Autumn in Budapest

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Great weather, fewer crowds and fall festivals make it a great time to visit Budapest

Autumn in Budapest

Batthyány Square

It’s September and the days are already a little shorter, evenings are much cooler and a few leafs are starting to change color. Most of the summer crowds have gone home so you can actually enjoy some solitude as you take in the sights of the city. With periods of extended Indian summer, autumn is a great time to visit Budapest, as temperatures can stay above 70F (20°C) during the day until the end of October.

Budapest is a walking city and the fall weather makes it ideal to wander around on foot with many cozy cafés and restaurants offering their retreat if needed when temperatures cool down. With over 100 museums and galleries the city also offers many indoor attractions and activities to suite every interest.

Autumn in Budapest

Gellért Hill in the fall

The fall is also the perfect time to visit one of the many parks in Budapest or plan a day trip to Szentendre or the Danube Bend and take in the beautiful scenery of fall foliage with the changing colors of autumn leafs. Hungary is famous for its wine and one of the best ways to experience its wine making traditions is to take a harvest trip to Tokaj, Eger, Villány or one of its many other wine regions. Several wineries offer wine tasting and accommodation.

Autumn in Budapest

Pálinka and Sausage Festival on Castle Hill

If you need more reasons to visit Budapest in the fall, keep in mind that hotels and flights are cheaper and you can use your savings to enjoy some of the great restaurants in the city. In the fall many restaurants offer goose and foie gras on their menus, especially in November, as November 11th is the feast day of St. Martin (Márton nap). On this day Hungarians traditionally celebrate by eating goose dishes and drinking the season’s first wine. Finally, there are several festivals and events held in Budapest in the fall. Take your pick from the following list of notable events for fall 2015:

Autumn in Budapest - by Mark Mervai

Margaret Island in the fall

September Events
Foie Gras Festival
Budapest Wine Festival
National Gallop
Sweet Days - Chocolate & Candy Festival
Budapest Design Week

October Events
Budapest Pálinka and Sausage Festival
Octoberfest Budapest
Chimney Cake Festival
Spar Budapest International Marathon
Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival
Art Market Budapest

November Events
St. Martin's Day Festival
New Wine & Cheese Festival
Tennis Classics Budapest

Enjoy the fall in Budapest!

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  1. LimBC opines:

    Hi, this is a great website on Hungary. I would like to know when is the best time to see the autumn colours in Budapest. Would appreciate if you can specify a few places in Hungary, besides Budapest, where we can see the autumn colours Thank you

  2. Roberta Gyori responds:

    @LimBC - The best time to go would be in the last two weeks of October. You’ll see beautiful colors like these on a nice sunny day. In Budapest Margaret Island, City Park (Városliget) and Gellért Hill are probably the most beautiful spots to visit in the autumn. Outside Budapest the wine regions are worth a trip. My favorite is Villány with the beautiful city of Pécs close by, but Eger and Tokaj are also lovely. The Danube Bend is pretty in the fall, you can visit Visegrád or Szentendre, both are located along the river, perfect for a Danube cruise. Another town to visit in Budapest’s vicinity is Gödöllő, which has a beautiful botanical garden.

  3. Lim BC opines:

    @Roberta Gyori - thanks so much Roberta. This website has so much information on Budapest. Really great and deeply appreciate your quick reply to my query. We plan to visit Budapest this fall.
    Happy New Year to you and please keep it up. Tq

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