Andre’s Cafe Has a Hungary Heart

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I came across this review in the Village Voice, written about Andre's Café, a Hungarian Restaurant in New York's Upper East Side. I think the article is spot on and it brings back some fond memories of the years I spent in New York. If you are in the Big Apple and have a chance to visit Andre's Café try their chestnut puree (gesztenyepüré).

Andre's Cafe Has a Hungary Heart - The Village Voice, Feb/09/2011

"The Hungarians could teach us a thing or two about comfort food. Take turoscusza tepertovel, even if you can't pronounce it: a towering platter of glistening egg noodles, shards of bacon, and random gobs of sour cream and farmer's cheese. The noodles slip and slide inside your mouth, the dairy products melt and further lubricate, while the bacon explodes in the bland, buttery mass with all the power and smoke of a land mine. You'll stumble from the table overdosed on carbs and enormously blissed-out, and live to feed another day.

Andre's Café is an informal refectory that hides behind a Hungarian bakery on the Upper East Side, a place where all manner of luscious strudels, babkas, beiglis (poppy-seed rolls), and flodnis (layers of nuts, apples, and poppy seeds between two sheets of pastry) cavort in the front window. There's no hint that a first-rate eatery lurks within..." Read the whole article

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