A New Eye for Design in Budapest

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Looking for a hip boutique in Budapest? The following article talks about a selection of shops featuring designs by young artists. For more information on unique shops see our collection of 'Shops You Won't Find Anywhere Else'.

A New Eye for Design in Budapest, The New York Times


“On sunny afternoons, Budapest’s central square, Erzsebet ter, is bustling with skateboarders, tourists in open-top buses, guests from the high-end hotels nearby and visitors to the Godor Club, a cool cafe and performance space.

But even considering the square’s normally busy standards, I was surprised by the number of people when I arrived there one Sunday this spring. More to the point, I was surprised by what had brought them in: WAMP, which stands for Hungarian Design Market in Hungarian). The monthly design market features more than 100 vendors who sell local clothing, furniture and accessories in the shade of the square’s former bus depot…" Read article

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