Hollókő is most famous for its annual Easter Festival

House in the old village

Why visit: World Heritage Site, folk traditions, one of a kind architecture, Easter Festival

Getting to Hollókő from Budapest: The easiest way to get to Hollókő is by car. The drive takes a little more than an hour. Buses leave from the Stadion bus terminal. There is one direct connection on weekdays and two direct connections on weekends.

Things to Do and See in Hollókő


The iconic wooden church

Though the old village of Hollókő may look like a movie-set recalling the past, the village is very much alive. In fact, Hollókő, a World Heritage Site since 1987, is Central Europe’s most intact community. The houses guarding the folk architecture of the 1700s were built about 100 years ago, after a devastating fire destroyed the original village. Everything was rebuilt to its original form, conserving the traditions of the Palóc people, an ethnic minority group in Hungary.

It still remains a mystery where the Palóc came from and when exactly they arrived to Hungary, but their presence in Hollókő and its area dates back to the 1600s. Their dialect is still the most characteristic in Hungary, their architecture, culture, traditions and colorful folk costumes, provide visitors with a truly unique experience.


Hollókő's Easter Festival

The famous, one of a kind folk architecture is preserved by 58 snow-white houses, including a wooden church built in 1889. Hollókő is also famous for its medieval castle, built in the 13th century.

Several festivals are held throughout the year, with the annual Easter Festival being the most spectacular, as it still follows the old folk traditions.

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