Rent a Trabant

The Trabant, a symbol of an era gone by

Rent a Trabant

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It has been 20 years since the Berlin Wall came down, but one communist achievement still lives on – the Trabant. A product of the former East German auto making industry, the Trabant was the most common vehicle in the communist bloc. Despite its lackluster performance and smoky two-stroke engine, the car is regarded with affection as a symbol of the fall of communism. Feeling adventurous? Rent a Trabant in Budapest!

Rent-A-Trabant Kft. offers Trabant rentals, Budapest sightseeing and out of Budapest Trabant tours, team building, track races, tresure hunts, Trabant transfers and other tailor made programs, including wine tours to the Etyek-Buda Wine Region.

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Rent-A-Trabant Kft.
Phone: (+36-30) 946-3484

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