Castle Hill Funicular

A fun way to reach Castle Hill

Castle Hill Funicular

Why walk up the hill if you can take the Funicular?

It's a short ride up to Castle Hill, about three minutes, but it offers great panoramic views and it's also a lot of fun. The Funicular (or Sikló, as it is called in Hungarian) first opened in 1870, and it was designed to provide a cheap commute for the clerks working in the Castle District. Once you have reached the top, Castle Hill offers many nearby sights worth visiting.

The Funicular has two stations, the lower station is at the Buda end of the Chain Bridge and the upper station is on Castle Hill, between Royal Palace and Sándor Palace.

Hours of operation:
Monday - Sunday: 7:30 am to 10 pm

2014 Ticket prices:
Adult: HUF 1,100 one way, HUF 1,700 return
Child: HUF 650 one way, HUF 1,100 return

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