Budapest Caves

Discover the natural caves of Budapest

Budapest Caves

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Budapest is famous for its natural underground caves, which were formed by thermal waters over millions of years. There are two beautiful natural caves in the Buda Hills just waiting to be explored - the Pál-völgyi Stalactite Cave and the Szemlő-hegyi Cave. Filled with spectacular formations, both caves were discovered by accident, in the early 1900’s.

The Pál-völgyi Stalactite Cave (Pál-völgyi Cseppkőbarlang) is a multi-level labyrinth with amazing rock formations. It’s also the longest cave in the Buda Hills, stretching more than 7 km (4.3 miles). Guided tours take about 45 minutes, and expect to do some climbing and narrow passages.

The Szemlő-hegyi Cave (Szemlő-hegyi Barlang) is quite different. There are no stalactites instead it’s filled with several beautiful crystal formations. The cave has exceptionally clean air, and its lowest level is used as a respiratory sanatorium. Expect a smooth walk, and this cave is great for kids as well.

Opening hours:
Pál-völgyi Cave
Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am to 4:15 pm
Monday: closed
Guided tours only. Tours start quarter past every hour. Minimum age: 5.

Szemlő-hegyi Cave
Every day except Tuesday: 10 am to 4 pm
Tuesday: closed
Guided tours only. Tours start on the hour.

Entrance fees:
Pál-völgyi Cave
Adult: HUF 1,400
Child, student & senior: HUF 1,100

Szemlő-hegyi Cave
Adult: HUF 1,300
Child, student & senior: HUF 1,000

Combined tickets for both caves: HUF 2,000 for adults, HUF 1,600 for children, students & seniors

Insider Tip: It’s worth buying combined tickets, which are available to visit both caves. The temperature is cold (about 50 F, 10 C), even in the summer, so bring a warm sweater along with your hiking shoes.

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