Budapest-Rome Side Trip

Budapest-Rome Side Trip
Spanish Steps
The Colosseum
St Peter's Basilica

Rome is more than a fascinating European capital city; it is a spectacular encyclopedia of living history. The whole experience of Rome is so powerful that it's almost overwhelming at times. Where do you start when the city itself is a history lesson? Take your pick. Wander the majestic ruins of The Forum for a peek into early city life. Marvel at Michelangelo's handiwork at the celebrated Sistine Chapel. Creep through the catacombs of St. Callixturs. Ancient, yet surrounded by swerving Vespas, the iconic Coliseum is a must-see. So is the path leading from the Spanish Steps to the Trevi Fountain, then the Pantheon, and then the Piazza Navona. Not to mention Vatican City with St. Peter's Basilica. The best way to prepare for a visit is to study a little of the history of the region, to be as well rested as possible, and to arrange an itinerary that allows time to explore, rest, and reflect on the magnificence of it all.

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