Budapest-Berlin Side Trip

Budapest-Berlin Side Trip
The Brandenburg Gate
The Reichstag
Charlottenburg Castle

Berlin pulses with life; it is a city that never sleeps. The capital of Germany is paved with cobblestone streets dating back 750 years. At the same time, it is gloriously modern. For nearly 30 years, Berlin was really two cities: East and West Berlin, with a wall in between that was meant to be impenetrable. In 1989, all that changed - the wall came down, and the two parts of the city were reunited. Berlin has been not only reborn, but also reinvented. Much of the new city is already in place: parliament sits in the renovated Reichstag; Potsdamer Platz, once leveled to a field in the Wall's death zone, is now a bustling quarter with many new shops and restaurants; and the city's world-class collection of European art has been reunited in the Gemäldegalerie. A fresh vibrancy is everywhere: on the boulevards, in the art and flea markets, in the 300 trendy nightspots and the 7,000 pubs and restaurants. Visitors can enjoy three opera houses, two great concert halls and theatres, cabarets, musicals and revues. Art-lovers can tour 170 excellent museums. This revitalized Berlin has been called the “New York City” of Europe.

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