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Taste Hungary is a tour company, which is passionate about introducing the foods and wines of Hungary to travelers. It offers bespoke and small group travel experiences featuring the best of Hungarian food and wine, and the personalities surrounding it. Experiencing Hungary’s food and wine is the best way to learn about the country’s culture and traditions. Sample local wine made from one of the more than 100 indigenous grapes grown in Hungary’s 22 wine-growing regions. Or taste a home-cooked meal in a wine cellar, and discover Budapest through a variety of its foods (both traditional and not).

Taste Hungary owners Carolyn Bánfalvi (author of the award-winning culinary guidebook Food Wine Budapest, The Food and Wine Lover’s Guide to Hungary, and Gábor Bánfalvi (wine-specialized tour guide and Hungarian wine educator) make use of their significant culinary research and extensive local contacts in every tour. In their hands, you’ll taste the very best that Hungary has to offer. Taste Hungary is ranked amongst the top 10 tours in Budapest on Tripadvisor.

Taste Hungary Tours

Taste Hungary offers half-day walking tours and evening wine tasting tours in Budapest, as well as full-day wine tours (group and private) to Hungary’s wine regions. For private tours, Taste Hungary will work closely with you to customize the tour to meet your needs and interests. Pre-registration is required for all Taste Hungary tours and we have made it easy to reserve your spot using the form below.

Culinary Walk

This food, wine, and cultural walking tour explores one of Budapest’s most delicious and charming neighborhoods. It will give you a taste of the traditional side of Hungarian cuisine, as well as the modern side and the artisan producers and specialty food shops, which are adding spice to Budapest’s food scene. The tour begins at the Central Market Hall where you learn about the history of the building (over a taste of Unicum, Hungary’s famous bitter liquor), the culture of eating in Hungary, and just what Hungarian home cooks do with all of that pork fat, paprika, and goose liver. You will make more stops in the surrounding neighborhoods which could include (depending on the day of the week): the city’s best spice/international food shop, a kosher bakery, a patisserie, a soup bar, a traditional coffee house, a candy manufacturer/shop, an artisan chocolate shop, a retro-style bar, and a butcher which serves meals. The last stop is a tasting of three quintessential wines from from small Hungarian producers. You won’t be hungry after this tour!

Meeting Point: Central Market Hall
Duration: 4 hours (10 am - 2 pm). Not available on Sundays.
Price per Person: USD 90
Minimum participants: 2 (Traveling alone? Taste Hungary will do their best to add singles to groups.)
Group size: Tours are limited to 6 guests

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Sweet Budapest Walking Tour

Hungary has one of the great baking traditions of Europe, known for its savory cakes, many pastry shops, great confectioner dynasties, and the golden-colored sweet wine from Tokaj. Taste Hungary's Sweet Budapest Tour will take you into the world of delicious Hungarian cakes, pancakes, strudels, pastries, artisan chocolates and beyond. You'll also learn about the techniques used in the Hungarian pastry kitchen, and the flavors and ingredients that show up over and over again in many forms. The tour will include plenty of sweet tastings accompanied by interesting stories about the pastries along with important periods and events in Hungarian history. You'll have the opportunity to purchase items at all of the stops. You'll visit five to six venues and the tour will start with a glass of the famous dessert wine Tokaji.

Meeting point: The Tasting Table (Bródy Sándor utca 9, Budapest 1088)
Duration: 3 hours (generally 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm, unless otherwise requested)
Price per Person: USD 75
Price includes: visits to five or six venues, tastings of a variety of sweets, a taste of sweet Tokaj wine, and a coffee
Minimum participants: 2 (Traveling alone? Taste Hungary will do their best to add singles to groups.)
Group size: Tours are limited to 6 guests

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Market Walk & Vineyard Tour

Get an education in both Hungarian food and wine on a tour that begins at Budapest’s Central Market Hall and then heads to Etyek, an up-and-coming wine region just a 30 minute drive from town. You’ll arrive in time for lunch with wine pairings, either at a winery or a winery-owned restaurant overlooking the village. After lunch you will explore this gorgeous little village, which holds many small top-notch wineries and old rows of cellars, and visit one more winery for a tour, chat with the winemaker, and tasting. Etyek’s limestone soil produces mainly white wines characterized by their crisp acidity, as well as pinot noir, the region’s red wine specialty. You’ll be back in Budapest in time for dinner.

Meeting point: Central Market Hall, drop-off is at your accommodation in Budapest
Duration: 7 hours (generally 10 am to 5 pm). Not available on Sundays and Mondays.
Price per Person: USD 220
Price includes: lunch, two wine tastings, transportation, and several tastings at the Central Market Hall

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Craft Beer Walk

While the Hungarian craft beer revolution is still in its infancy, there is a growing range of unique, homegrown brews worth seeking out. Taste Hungary's Craft Beer Walk, led by a beer-specialized guide, will include visits to three bars/pubs. The first will be a truly local place (which the craft beer revolution has not yet touched), where you will discuss the broader history and culture of Hungarian beer and taste a mainstream beer for comparison’s sake. At the next two places you will taste around eight craft beers, in a range of styles and flavors. At one bar you will have some light food to accompany the beer. Drink like a local and experience the Hungarian beer revolution from the beginning.

Meeting point: Tour begins and ends at a central location in Pest (details will be provided with your confirmation)
Duration: 3 hours, generally 6 pm - 9 pm (available year-round from 6 pm on weekdays, and at anytime on weekends).
Price per Person: USD 75
Minimum participants: 2 (Traveling alone? Taste Hungary will do their best to add singles to groups.)
Group size: Tours are limited to 6 guests

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Jewish Cuisine & Culture Walk

Budapest’s seventh district is a fascinating neighborhood with winding back streets not only filled with fine neoclassical buildings and old-fashioned artisan workshops, but with deep history, delicious food, and a contemporary buzz blended with the pervasive aura of the past. The food has been undergoing somewhat of an exciting revival in recent years, and this tour will include a generous amount of tastings at several locations, as well as a primer on the neighborhood’s history. Today this former Jewish ghetto is one of Budapest’s hippest neighborhoods, known for its quirky bars, cool cafés, hidden art galleries, and cutting-edge design shops. This walking tour focuses on the area’s history and culture, with a special emphasis on exploring and tasting Jewish-Hungarian cuisine in several styles. Do come hungry, as the tour will include tasting several Hungarian-Jewish specialties which could be (depending on the day): sausages, matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, Jewish eggs, cholent, roasted goose, and flódni.

Meeting Point: Dohány Street Synagogue
Duration: 4 hours (11 am - 3 pm)
Price per Person: USD 90
Price includes: plenty of food and drink tastings (including lunch). (Note: the tour does not include entrance to the Dohány utca Synagogue.)
Minimum participants: 2 (Traveling alone? Taste Hungary will do their best to add singles to groups.)
Group size: Tours are limited to 6 guests

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Danube Boat Ride & Wine Tasting

Taste Hungary's one-and-a-half-hour privately-chartered sightseeing cruise pairs Budapest's beautiful skyline with fine Hungarian wines. You'll cruise in a small boat (which holds a maximum of ten participants) and pass by extraordinary landmarks, like the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Parliament Building, the Central Market Hall, the National Theater, the Buda Castle, including Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church and several Budapest bridges while tasting four types of Hungarian wine. Taste Hungary's wine tasting cruise is just as much about the sightseeing as the wine and your wine-specialized tour guide will fill you in on what you are seeing, as well as on what you are drinking. Mineral water and pogácsa (Hungarian biscuits) will be provided. Taste Hungary's Danube Boat Ride & Wine Tasting Cruise is available for private groups and as a small-group cruise twice weekly from May to October. The cruise runs from April to October. If you have a larger group, Taste Hungary can help you organize a cruise on larger boat.

Meeting point: The boat departs from a centrally-located dock on the Pest side (details will be provided with your confirmation)
Duration: 1,5 hours
Price per group for Private Cruise: USD 540 for groups of up to 6 participants, USD 635 for groups of 7 to 10 participants (USD 390 and USD 505 in the winter)

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"The Essentials of Hungarian Wine "(Wine Tasting Class)

Taste Hungary’s wine tasting classes are ideal for wine-lovers looking for a crash course on the increasingly fabulous wines of Hungary. The guided tastings feature a carefully-curated selection of eight Hungarian wines. Together they will distill the wide range of Hungarian wine into a comprehensible story. Over two hours you will get a good overview of Hungarian wine, including the history, the major regions, the important varietals, unique characteristics and styles, and promising trends. By the session’s end you will have a good understanding of Hungary’s place in the world of wine, and plenty of good wine in your belly. This fun, interactive, and informative tasting is held in a tasting room located in the heart of Budapest. Taste Hungary can also create custom tastings revolving around different themes, regions, or varietals.

Location: The Tasting Table (Bródy Sándor utca 9, Budapest 1088)
Duration: 2 hours
Available: daily from 6 pm - 8 pm, unless otherwise requested
Price per Person: USD 60
Price includes: eight wines, mineral water, and "pogácsa" (Hungarian biscuits)
Minimum participants: 2 (Traveling alone? Taste Hungary will do their best to add singles to groups.)
Group size: tastings are limited to 15 guests

Food is not included with the tasting, but you will have the option to order a Hungarian "Hidegtál", a generous platter of local artisan cheese and charcuterie, for an additional fee of USD 14.

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Private Tokaj Jewish Heritage & Wine Tour

Visiting Budapest is essential for travelers interested in understanding Hungary’s Jewish history and culture. But a visit to the many small villages that make up the Tokaj wine region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also a must for the traveler interested in exploring Hungary’s rich - and heartbreaking - Jewish history. The Tokaj region is legendary in the world of wine for its sweet wines, intricate cellars, and volcanic vineyards. And the Tokaj terroir also includes the history of its once-substantial Jewish community. Until the Holocaust, Jews made up a significant amount of the region’s population. They played a vital role in the production, sale, and transport of wine from Tokaj.

There are many Jewish historic sites - such as synagogues, cemeteries where wonder rabbis are buried, rabbi’s houses, and old stately Jewish homes - and the region is a Hasidic pilgrimage destination. Two synagogues have been gorgeously restored, and several wineries are located inside of the old homes of Jewish wine merchants. Taste Hungary has extensively researched the fascinating Jewish history of this region. At the end of this tour you will have gained new insights into Hungary’s complex Jewish history, as well as into Tokaj’s legendary wine.

Meeting Point: Pick-up at your hotel
Duration: approximately 12 hours
Price per Person: USD 295
Price Includes: Private tour, transportation, wine tasting and winery tour at 1-2 wineries, lunch, bottles of mineral water and light snacks for the car rides, guiding by a specialized tour guide
Minimum participants: 2 (Traveling alone? Taste Hungary will do their best to add singles to groups.)

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Wine Tours (Private and Small-Group)

Taste Hungary’s private and small-group wine tours explore the best Hungarian winemaking regions, and are led by wine-specialized guides. Trips can be as short as a day trip from Budapest, but can extend for as long as you’d like and can be organized for individual travelers and small groups. The tours are full-day experiences, which will leave you with a great deal of knowledge about Hungarian wine (and wine in general, if you are new to visiting wineries). No matter what your level of wine knowledge is, Taste Hungary can customize the tour for you.

You can expect plenty of beautiful scenery, delicious local food, good company, and many new wines. Lunch will either be at a winery or a carefully selected restaurant. Three winery tours/tastings (each with generous pours of between 5-8 wines) are included, and whenever possible, tours are led by the winemaker or a member of the family. Taste Hungary likes to show a mixture of the traditional, the experimental, and the modern, in order to give you a complete picture of the state of Hungarian wine. There will be time to sightsee in the nearby villages/towns, as well as for a walk in the vineyards to see firsthand where and how the grapes are grown. The final tasting includes a cold plate of local products (cheese, meat, etc.) to fortify you for the ride back to Budapest!

Not sure which region you should tour? Let Taste Hungary know and they will help you decide which might be the best fit for you based on your interests and wine preferences. The great thing about Hungary’s compact size is that every part of the country can be visited on a day trip, and so can regions in Slovakia and Austria. If you have several days to spend, you can combine visits to a few regions to get an even more complete picture of the region’s wine, cuisine, and landscape.

Small-Group Tour Schedule:
Mondays: Tokaj Region
Tuesdays: Eger Region
Wednesdays: Villány Region
Thursdays: Eger Region
Fridays: Tokaj Region
Saturdays: Villány Region
Sundays: Tokaj Region

Meeting point: Pick-up at your hotel
Duration: 10-12 hours, depending on the region. Tour begins between 8 am - 9:30 am.
Price per person: Small-Group Tour (2-6 participants): USD 295 per person, Private Tour: USD 375 per person
Price includes: lunch, three winery visits/tastings, pick-up and drop off at your hotel, water and pogácsa for the car rides, cheese and charcuterie plate, and transportation.
For larger groups, Taste Hungary will send you a customized price proposal.

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Budapest to Vienna: Wine & Castles Along The Austro-Hungarian Border

If your trip will include visits to both Budapest and Vienna, why not make the most of your travel time between the two cities by sampling the wine and food, as well as visiting some castles, in the regions between the two cities. Rather than taking a plane or a train from Budapest to Vienna (or Vienna to Budapest), let Taste Hungary pick you up and drive you there while stopping at a few wineries, taverns, charming small towns, and castles along the way.

The route will take you through Sopron in northwestern Hungary to the shallow Lake Fertő / Lake Neusiedl straddling the Austrian/Hungarian border and the UNESCO World Heritage Site landscape surrounding it, and then through the Burgenland region. This area holds interesting village architecture, as well as many fabulous palaces. You will visit two wineries during the course of the day (for tours and tastings) in Sopron (Hungary) and Austria's Burgenland region, which is the red wine capital of the country.

Note: This trip can begin in Budapest and end in Vienna or begin in Vienna and end in Budapest

Meeting Point: Pick-up at your hotel
Duration: Approximately 10-12 hours
Price per Person: USD 295
Price Includes: Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Budapest, transportation by a professional driver, two winery visits/tastings with generous tastings of 5-8 wines, tour is led by a wine-specialized tour guide, bottles of mineral water and light snacks for the car ride
Minimum participants: 2 (Traveling alone? Taste Hungary will do their best to add singles to groups.)
Group size: Tours are limited to 6 guests

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    Loved the Culinary Walking Tour! Our tour guide, Judit, was great. She took us through the Central Food Market (which is huge) and introduced us to some typical Hungarian fare. We had a taste of Unicum, a traditional langos, different sausages, salamis and three kind of farmer’s cheese. We were then taken to an artisan chocolate shop, followed by a butcher shop, where we had lunch. We then went on to a patisserie where we had a selection of cakes. The tour ended with a wine tasting. We had 3 wines a white and two reds. Everything was paid for by our guide and included in the tour price. There was not one place that I would not return again and again. My recommendation: go hungry because there is so much to try.

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