Fungarian - Hungarian Language Classes & Tours

The fun way to learn Hungarian

Fungarian - Hungarian Language Classes & Tours

Interested in a crash course in Hungarian? Fungarian, a team of enthusiastic language teachers - all experts in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language, offers fun and easy Hungarian classes for visitors to Budapest. Imagine learning a few simple and useful expressions while sitting in a café, strolling along Andrássy Avenue or visiting the Ecseri Flea Market. Fungarian hosts various informal, tailor made language classes and city tours with an insight into Hungary's history, art and culture. Classes come with plenty of information on where to go and what to see. Fungarian is ranked amongst the top 5 activities in Budapest on Tripadvisor.

Impress your friends back home by learning a few phrases in Hungarian, considered to be one of the most complex languages. Accented vowels, long words and tricky conjugation are all explained by professional teachers while touring the city or at a local café. In addition to teaching Hungarian, your Fungarian instructors are passionate and knowledgeable about Budapest.

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  • Picture of Earl Marty Price Earl Marty Price 04/30/2015 54321

    We were there last year to visit family. For my wife and I it was our second trip even though my mother and her sibs came many times to visit my grandfather. MY so and three of my grand children were with us and it was the first thing we did before visit family. I cannot recommned this highly enough. What an experience and Miklos you were a superb instructor says this old principal. YOu had such tremendous knowledge and insight and brought back so many memeories for me. I rate thhis five stars plus. Thanks so much, Marty Price and family

  • Picture of Ken Cameron Ken Cameron 07/23/2014 54321

    I have visited Hungary a lot to visit my wife’s family, and I always got by with the rudimentary Hungarian she taught me. This time I added a Fungarian lesson early in my trip and it has transformed my experience of the city. I have learned the basics of the vowel sounds which makes me just that little bit more confident with the words I already know. Plus, armed with that knowledge, I can now start to sound out new words on my own and expand my vocabulary. I would definitely recommend Fungarian to help learn the basics of this most difficult language.

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