Fungarian Extra - 2-Hour Hungarian Language Class

Theme:Art, History & Culture

Tour Company:Fungarian

Prices from: EUR 40

Tour duration:2 hours

Meeting point:Zenit Café (near the Great Synagogue)

Fungarian Extra - 2-Hour Hungarian Language Class Details

This 2-hour class contains everything that the 1-Hour Language Class offers, topped with some local knowledge. You can fit a lot into an extra hour. Here's some of the fun stuff you'll learn about:

  • how to flirt the Hungarian way
  • hidden architectural treasures
  • what Hungarians miss when they travel abroad
  • why Ruin Pubs became so popular in Budapest
  • why Hungarians are hooked on lángos
  • what makes the Hungarian Puli the most beloved dog
  • and much more...

Meeting point: Katapult Café (Dohány utca 1, Pest, District 7)
Duration: 2 hours
Price per class: EUR 40 (1 person), EUR 65 (2 people), EUR 85 (3 people)
Discounts available for groups

Interested in a crash course in Hungarian? Fungarian, a team of enthusiastic language teachers, offers fun and easy language classes and interesting city tours for visitors to Budapest. Pre-registration is required for all Fungarian classes and tours and we have made it easy to reserve your spot using the form below. Fungarian is ranked amongst the top 5 activities in Budapest on Tripadvisor. See all classes and tours offered by Fungarian.

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