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Fabulous Budapest

Fabulous Budapest's mission is to make visitors fall in love with the city so that they will want to come back to explore more of Budapest. Their slogan is "look up, look around, experience the city" and their guides help you discover Budapest from a local's perspective. If you prefer exploring a new destination by walking rather than taking a bus tour and if you like to listen to interesting stories rather than a lot of data, then join Fabulous Budapest for a tailor-made, thematic walking tour. You'll find them informative, interactive and interesting. Check out this review, posted on YouTube:

Fabulous Budapest Tours

Tours are offered in English. A 24-hour pre-registration is required for all Fabulous Budapest tours and we have made it easy to reserve your spot using the form below. You can reserve your tour now and pay later in Budapest.

Downtown Walk

Budapest's downtown is more than just offices and shops. Pest has always been the center of life. It flourished at the turn of the 20th century, leaving behind many beautiful buildings. During this walk in district 5, you'll learn about how today’s Budapest evolved, how Pest outgrew the neighboring Buda and why you can’t see medieval buildings in the one-time medieval town.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: see below

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Fashion, Design and Creativity

This walking tour lets you explore Budapest from a different angle. It will take you to the colorful world of fashion. Along the tour you’ll visit workshops and boutiques featuring homegrown fashion, clothing and accessories.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: see below

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Kings on Cobblestones in Buda Castle

Recognized as a World Heritage Site, the small area known as Buda Castle has witnessed a lot of history. Battles and sieges, coronation of kings and imprisonment of revolutionaries, building and rebuilding of palaces, and much more. This walking tour will guide you to all the must-see attractions on Castle Hill along with plenty of hidden sights that are not included in a standard city tour or guidebook.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: see below

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EUR 105 per tour / 1 person
EUR 115 per tour / 2 people
EUR 125 per tour / 3 people
EUR 135 per tour / 4 people
EUR 145 per tour / 5 people
EUR 155 per tour / 6 people
EUR 165 per tour / 7 people
EUR 175 per tour / 8 people
EUR 185 per tour / 9 people
EUR 195 per tour / 10 people

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Fabulous Budapest Reviews

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  • 5.00
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  • Picture of Penny A Penny A 06/02/2015 54321

    Dear Szófi, I want to tell you that the tour more than met my expectations, because you took me to places I had never heard of, and took me inside places that I might not have sought to enter. Equally important, you introduced me to the public transport system. Given that the next day was very rainy, it was good to have seen a lot of the city (I had a good walk around that same afternoon, including the Jewish quarter), so that I felt OK to get around underground when it was raining! Thank you again for helping me to get the ticket. It makes a lot of difference to have that help when you are in strange city with an unknown language.
    The customs museum house was for me the highlight!
    Best wishes, Penny, Australia

  • Picture of JC Ottawa JC Ottawa 04/04/2014 54321

    Zsófi’s walking tours were one of the highlights of a lovely week in Budapest. Budapest is enchanting; Zsófi’s knowledge of Hungarian history made it even more so.
    JC from Ottawa, Canada

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