Budapest Beyond Sightseeing

Unique walking tours in Budapest's 8th District

Budapest Beyond Sightseeing
Socio-cultural Walking Tour
Juice of the 8th District Tour
Palace Quarter Tour
Socio-cultural Walking Tour
Juice of the 8th District Tour
Secret Sights - Budapest Downtown Tour

Budapest Beyond Sightseeing offers guided walking tours in the once slummy 8th district of Budapest, the neighborhood that tourists were always advised to stay away from. Although district 8 has changed a lot in recent years, much of it has gone unnoticed. The tours bring alive a district of diversity, art, music and architecture. Budapest Beyond Sightseeing uses creative tools to illustrate the past and arranges face-to-face meetings with residents to understand the present. You can walk through a 100-year-old blacksmith workshop; visit the home of a musician gypsy family; discover Jewish treasures; tour the district’s palace neighborhood and witness Hungarian contemporary art in the making. In addition to the various walking tours in district 8, Budapest Beyond Sightseeing also offers a unique Inner City walking tour in district 5.

Budapest Beyond Sightseeing was founded in 2007 by two social studies graduates to create awareness and bring sustainable tourism to Budapest’s 8th district. Since its inception, Budapest Beyond Sightseeing has received numerous recognitions for its creative walking tours. In 2008 they were awarded the 'Most Promising Youth Enterprise' award, in 2009 they received the 'Good Practice - European Year of Creativity and Innovation' by the European Commission, and in 2010 they were awarded the 'Józsefváros Díj' a prize by the municipal government given for outstanding initiatives.

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    WE spent more than the 3 hours with Gyuri wandering around District 8. This was an amazing experience. Having visited Budapest several times this was agreat way to get under its skin a little more than usual and we would recommend this experience to anyione.

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