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Retro Budapest
Ruin Pubs
Táskarádió Eszpresszó
Moszkva tér, recently renamed to Széll Kálmán tér
The Trabant

Retro-hip has never been cooler in Budapest, especially to a younger generation that didn't have to endure the repression of the socialist regime. Step into a time warp and experience Budapest's unique style of retro cool. Check out our list of places and impressions along with the most popular things to do.

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Retro Budapest

Memento Park

Memento Park - Statue Park (Szobor park)
When Hungary chose to embrace a free market economy in 1989, the new government removed many of the statues and monuments identified with the former Communist regime. Now, these formerly revered relics of an unfulfilled dream stand together in an outdoor museum just outside the city.

Statue of Liberty
Today's most famous Communist-era statue is Budapest's Statue of Liberty on top of Gellért Hill. As Liberty had already become a symbol of the city, she was not removed, allowing us to see her in her original surroundings.

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Retro Budapest Tour
Take UniqueBudapest's Retro Tour for a fun way to explore the city's retro hot-spots.

Retro Budapest

Rent a Trabant

Rent a Trabant
A product of the former East German auto making industry, the Trabant was the most common vehicle in the communist bloc. Despite its lackluster performance and smoky two-stroke engine, the car is regarded with affection as a symbol of the fall of Communism. The Trabant was manufactured for more than 30 years, from 1957 until 1991, and over 3 million cars were sold. Feeling adventurous? Take a Trabant tour in Budapest.

Life Under Communism Tour
Interested in a first-hand overview of how the socialist system worked in Hungary and what everyday life was like from the 1960s to the late ‘80s? This tour will take you back to Hungary's recent past.

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Retro Budapest

Tisza flagship store

Tisza Runners
A 100% Hungarian brand of sports shoes. Tisza was Hungary's biggest state-owned shoe manufacturer in the Communist Era. Their running shoes were widely popular among the younger generation (primarily because there was nothing else available). Recently, the brand has been rediscovered and the legend of Tisza lives on with its trendy retro-hip design.

Falk Miksa Street
The antique shops and galleries lining Falk Miksa utca are great for finding some retro gifts and souvenirs. Check out the Goldbach Gallery (at Falk Miksa utca 32) for some unique retro items.

Ecseri Flea Market
This flea market may look like a junkyard, but it's  a great place for treasure hunters and the atmosphere is truly unique.

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"Ruin Pubs"
Ruin Pubs consume formerly abandoned buildings in the city, and are very popular hot spots. Some of the favorites are:

Retro Budapest


Szimpla Kert, as one of the oldest "ruin pubs" in Budapest, Szimpla offers concerts, movie nights, a computer room, a great collection of old furniture, reasonable prices, and a laid-back atmosphere. Most people come here to have a beer.

Kuplung, a former garage that maintains its original grubby appearance on the outside, is another favorite. It's not an easy place to spot, but look for clubbers heading behind its wooden gates and you'll soon find the party. There's table tennis and foosball, live concerts, and a DJ spinning electronic music.

Corvintető is a vibrant dance club located on top of the Corvin department store. It's famous for its rooftop bar with great views over the city.

Retro Budapest

Táskarádió Eszpresszó

Táskarádió Eszpresszó
In a true retro style, down to the last detail, Táskarádió Eszpresszó pays homage to the Hungary of the 60’s and 70’s.

This restaurant brings back the 70s with its retro design and atmosphere. The menu consists of delicious Hungarian dishes.

Szóda is a trendy café with retro-futuristic leather bench seats and '50s style chairs. There is an underground bar and a dance floor too.

Bambi Eszpresszó
Bambi is one of the few surviving socialist-realist bars, with plastic covered seats and strict waitresses. It has been around since 1960, and it's still a good place to have a Dreher, the popular Hungarian beer.

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